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We are excited to welcome June Cashmere to Spun!

June Cashmere’s yarns rise well above the ordinary (even when the “ordinary” is cashmere!). Sustainably sourced from small family farms in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, processed at artisan mills in Great Britain, and finished in Maine, these yarns are manufactured with an eye toward community health and well-being. The care that goes into their creation yields cashmere of very high quality; properly cared for, garments and accessories made from June Cashmere’s yarns will last a lifetime.

June Cashmere (from the Kyrgyz word "june," meaning "animal fiber") works directly with Kyrgyz shepherds, the owner and his family living in Kyrgyzstan and putting a portion of profits back into their community, primarily (so far) by improving local elementary school facilities (replacing defunct heating systems, buying kitchen supplies, and so forth). “We believe,” says the company’s mission statement, “that when a business deliberately aims to benefit everyone involved that amazing things happen.”

We brought in a few kits early (see patterns below; click on any image to read all the details on Ravelry), which include yarn and a pattern, all tucked into a fair-trade June Cashmere project bag. (The pattern and bag are free with kits purchase.) These make great presents for yourself, and great projects for holiday knitting. We’ll be getting unkitted skeins in over the next couple of weeks, but come see what we’ve pulled together: you’re sure to find something you love.