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Spun Sidekicks Happy Hour with Hawari Bazaar

Spun Sidekicks all together.jpg

The creations of indie hand-dyer Corinne Hawari, from Dearborn, include the pretties in her Sidekicks line, clever color combinations that feature a 100-gram skein of fingering weight yarn paired with a complementary mini-skein that's perfect for heels and toes (or a pop of color if you'd rather make a shawl). Smitten! Since (as you likely know by now) we're a pet-loving bunch, we asked Corinne to create a special line of Spun Sidekicks for us, all in tribute to our beloved animal pals, mostly dogs, one cat, and one fish.

To celebrate the unveiling, Corinne will be joining us for a Spun Sidekicks Happy Hour on August 3 from 4-6pm. We'll debut the new yarn and offer drinks and treats, and Corinne will also be bringing along a broader selection of her hand-dyed Hawari Bazaar beauties that will only be available in the shop that night. We'll also have some door prizes, but be warned: to enter this time, you have to humor us by playing a "match the pet with the colorway" game. Don't worry! You'll be matching photos, not actual pets. Hope to see you there!

Spun Sidekicks Composite.jpg