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Spun After "Dark" Happy Hour and Drop-in

Join us for our second Spun after “Dark” (marginally darker this time of year) on October 12, from 4-7pm! You bring your work and your friendly selves, and we’ll provide some drinks and treats, as well as a few door prizes.

This is a special double-focus edition of Spun after “Dark.”
Focus 1: Andrew Scott.
Focus 2: Mittens for Cold Hands.


Why are we doing this again?
It was fun last time.

Who is Andrew Scott?
Mr. Scott is a retired automotive engineer who now makes the knockout handmade wooden yarn bowls and shawl pins we’ve had in the shop for several months. On October 12 he’ll be debuting his recent invention--a combination yarn caddy/swift. It’s handmade, it’s beautiful, it’s compact, and it works like a charm. Check out this video to see it in action!

Can I have one of Mr. Scott’s inventions?
You can! Place an order for your very own yarn caddy/swift on October 12, and Mr. Scott will make one just for you.

“Yarn caddy/swift” is a mouthful. Why doesn’t this contraption have a catchier name?
We’re happy you asked! This is where you come in: Suggest a new name at our event on October 12. We’ll pass your suggestions along to Mr. Scott, and if he chooses yours, Spun will give you a $20 gift certificate!

Did you think about calling this the Name Game?
We did, but wow, talk about an ear worm!

Don’t you think it’s high time you moved on to discussing Mittens for Cold Hands?
Yes! Spun still has yarn we’re giving away for you to use on your 2018 MCH project. So if you still don’t have MCH yarn, October 12 is your chance to pick some up. If you’re already working on an MCH project, October 12 is your chance to come work in good company!

Just mittens? Mittens for Cold Hands?
No! You’re welcome to make mittens, a hat, or a scarf. The only stipulation is that your wooly is 100 percent wool.

Are there any loose ends?
Always! You must be present to win, the door prizes are pretty small, and we’ll get you out of the building if you’re still with us at 7!