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Trunk Show: Julie Hoover's Sweater Club 2017-02

If you missed your opportunity to join Julie's Sweater Club 2017-02 when she offered membership online at the beginning of December, you now have another chance! We are happy to announce that Julie's two new limited-edition designs in Woolfolk will be briefly available through Spun in 2018. You can see both of these beauties in person at the shop from Friday, January 12, through Sunday, January 14, and you may purchase one of ten Sweater Club memberships beginning on Friday, January 12, at 10am.   

There are many yarn and sweater clubs out there, but Julie's is different. First, this is an exclusive offer: Only Sweater Club members will enjoy access to these patterns. And second, membership in this club comes with confidence: You know what you’re purchasing--access to two exclusive designs, both fashioned with Julie's trademark elegance and painstaking attention to detail.

Club membership works the same way at Spun as it did when Julie initially offered it online: It costs $30, includes both patterns (either of which may be knit with either Woolfolk TYND or Woolfolk SNO), and requires that yarn be purchased along with club membership. Memberships sold at Spun require that the Woolfolk yarn necessary to knit one or both of the patterns be purchased at the shop.

Please note that Spun has only ten memberships available, for a limited time, and that they may be purchased either in person at the shop or over the phone for pickup or to be shipped. Membership opens on Friday, January 12, at 10am, and you may join by stopping by Spun or by giving us a call at 734.780.7867.  

The Patterns

Jesper Julie Hoover Sweater Club.jpeg

A diamond-motif crewneck pullover featuring Woolfolk’s TYND or SNO yarn. Jesper is worked circularly from the bottom hem and sleeve cuffs to underarms, then divided and worked flat. The diamond pattern, which is worked on the front and back, is easy to follow and creates a beautifully soft graphic statement. The pattern includes options for elbow-length and full-length sleeves.

  • 38½ (42¼, 46, 50, 53¾, 57½)" finished bust circumference
  • Recommended +6-9" ease
  • 6 (7, 8, 8, 9, 10) skeins
  • Skill level: 3 of 5

Dane Julie Hoover Sweater Club.jpeg

A super-cozy oversized cardigan featuring Woolfolk’s SNO yarn. Dane is worked from the bottom up in pieces with beautiful details such as lower body shaping (fuller at the back than the front) and a shawl collar that can be worn up or turned back. The reversible fabric allows you to wear the seams exposed, or not. The yarn is held double throughout, cutting the knitting time in half.

  • 44 (48, 52, 55, 59, 63)" finished bust circumference, with approximately 1" front overlap
  • Recommended +13-17" ease
  • 13 (14, 15, 17, 18, 19) skeins
  • Skill level: 3 of 5