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Woolfolk Trunk Show

Woolfolk yarn will be arriving in the shop on August 7, and soon after we'll have a collection of designs to show off what it can do. Spun is carrying every Woolfolk base in every colorway. To learn more about what makes Woolfolk yarn so special, click here, and join us for our Woolfolk happy hour on August 25.

This trunk show of sixteen garments reveals how a singular design aesthetic elevates Woolfolk’s yarn even further above the ordinary. Woolfolk’s color palette is sophisticated and purposeful, its design collections wearable and minimalistic. Founder Kristin Ford’s architectural sensibilities are perfectly manifested in each regard, through garments whose quality is a consistent match for the quality of the fibers—clean and modern, with an eye on the runway that prioritizes timeless appeal and careful attention to details of fit and construction.

This aesthetic is clear in the garments and accessories we will be highlighting in August, designed by the likes of Julie Hoover, Michele Wang, Melanie Berg, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Laura Chau, Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, Antonia Shankland, and Ashley Yousling.

ARKADE. An oversize scarf/cowl whose reversible eyelet cables yield a fabric with both squish and drape. Designer: Antonia Shankland. Yarn: Fȧr. (May also be made in Tov.)

BIRK. A showstopping, sumptuous classic cardigan with modern proportions. Designer: Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Yarn: Fȧr and Sno.

DRYS. A minimalist wrap that indulges in lavish scale and texture. Designer: Melanie Berg. Yarn: Fȧr and Sno.

FLET. A plush pullover with classic lines and careful attention to detail. Designer: Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Yarn: Fȧr.

KILE. A cushy plush cardigan that embodies warmth and comfort. Designer: Bristol Ivy. Yarn: Hygge.

KOGLE. A relaxed pullover with a classic feminine silhouette. Designer: Julie Hoover. Yarn: Fȧr.

KURV. An oversized scarf whose sophisticated fabric belies its snuggly heart. Designer: Ashley Yousling. Yarn: Hygge and Fȧr.

LØS. An easeful, textured pullover that makes the most of Far’s exceptional stitch definition. Designer: Ashley Yousling. Yarn: Fȧr.  

MOS. A modern pullover with exaggerated proportions and lush fabric. Designer: Michele Wang. Yarn: Fȧr.

REB. A snuggly pullover with a modern aesthetic and innovative construction. Designer: Norah Gaughan. Yarn: Hygge.

SPOR. A classic pullover whose mock cable pattern makes for a relaxing, intuitive knit. Designer: Laura Chau. Yarn: Tynd.

TORV. A lightweight, exquisite shawl whose juxtaposition of textures yields graceful drape. Designer: Antonia Shankland. Yarn: Sno.

TRYK. A sumptuous bias-knit wrap with graphic appeal. Designer: Melanie Berg. Yarn: Tynd.

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Later Event: August 25
Woolfolk Happy Hour