Come On In, the Water's Fine (3 hours)

How to Avoid Pooling and Master Multicolored Yarns

Sunday, May 6, 12-3pm • $50
Teacher: Jillian Moreno

Come On In The Waters Fine Graphic.jpg

Hand-dyed and hand-painted yarn is irresistible, and most knitters have piles of it in their stash. But as much as we love their panache in the skein, using variegated yarns can be disappointing, especially when your knitting doesn’t come out the way you want it to. If you’d like to know more about using those irresistible variegated skeins, this class will put you back in control of your work no matter how wild your yarn might be. Bring along a pattern you’d like work with, and learn all about color length and dye patterns, what causes pooling and how to avoid it, what stitch patterns work well with variegated yarns, and how to choose projects that will show your most exciting skeins off to their best advantage. Join Jillian to learn all the ins and outs of multicolored yarns, and leave class ready to tackle the nuances of any variegated skein that comes your way!

Homework: None
   • One skein of worsted-variegated yarn purchased from Spun, the more colorful the better. Note: Please choose a variegated skein, not one that simply has speckles or tonal variations.
   • Needles appropriate to chosen yarn
Maximum number of students: 7

Jillian Moreno is passionate about making things with handspun yarn. She is perpetually curious and loves to dissect creative processes. She loves to inspire other spinners to think a little differently. Jillian is the editor of Knittyspin and Ad Manager and Catalyst of Knitty Magazine. This means she is often the brains behind the exciting new ideas implemented at Knitty and is a key part of the success the magazine has enjoyed over the past 12 years. 
She is a regular contributor to Ply Magazine, and currently sits on the editorial board.
Jillian has been a knitter forever, and a spinner almost as long. She knits, stitches, crochet and sometimes weaves with her handspun yarn. She touches fiber everyday.
She likes vintage dresses, British murder mysteries and if you ever go into a bookstore with her, don't expect to leave empty handed.
She lives in a house well insulated with fiber and books in Ann Arbor, Michigan.