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Mittens for Cold Hands at Spun

Last year, Spun joined with Ypsilanti's Andrea Brush to help the men of the Detroit Rescue Mission stay warm in the winter months. Thanks to Andrea's leadership (and organizing prowess) and yarn donated by Spun, our customers knit well over 150 mittens which Andrea delivered to the shelter last Christmas Eve. 

This year, we're doing it all again and, not surprisingly, Andrea's ambitions are growing. In addition to mittens for men, the program will include scarves and hats for men, women, and children. You can choose any pattern you like. We are asking that all donations be made from warm, water-resistant 100% wool and dropped off at Spun no later than December 22, 2017. 

Spun has run through the heavy worsted wool yarn that we donated in support of this effort.  If you still have the yarn from last year's drive, but you haven't manage to finish your mittens, you are not alone! Please turn in your mittens (or scarf! or hat!) this year and add to our 2017 total, or, if you've realized you don't have the time to finish something for MCH, return the yarn to Spun and we will find it a new home.