Jargon! Revealed! (2 hours)

Everything They Assume You Know.jpg

Wednesday, October 3, 11am-1pm • $30
Friday, November 2, 5-7pm • $30
Teacher: Carol Ullmann

Yes, knitting has jargon, and jargon is annoying, but you can conquer knitting’s lingua franca with Carol’s help! This class will cover all the basics--everything you need to know but that you might have missed or forgotten along the way: how to properly slip stitches, how to work SSKs and CDDs, how to cast on loosely, and so on. You’ll be fluent in no time.

Pre-requisites: None!
• One skein of worsted weight light-colored yarn, purchased from Spun
• 1-3 patterns and/or projects about which you have questions
• Paper and pencil
Maximum number of students: 7

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