Finishing Skills: Seaming (2 hours)

Sunday, June 4, 1-3pm • $30
Teacher: Sara Keim

Learn how the right seaming stitch can give your garment a professional finished look. In this class we'll learn a variety of seaming techniques  and discuss which seaming techniques work for different parts of your garment. The class will cover mattress stitch, duplicate stitch, kitchener stitch, and kitchener variants such as seaming two finished pieces, and include stitch diagrams.
Materials: One skein of a smooth, light-colored yarn purchased from Spun.
Homework: Bring two blocked 4"x4" swatches worked in stockinette stitch with a slip stitch edge and an additional two 4"x4" swatches worked in stockinette stitch up to the cast off. All four should be worked in a light color, smooth yarn that will be easy to see.
Maximum number of students: 7

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