Fair Isle Knitting (3 hours)

Thursday, June 15, 11am-2pm • $50
Teacher: Beth Battey

Come learn to knit Fair Isle using a basic hat pattern and your choice of chart (provided in class) to create a Fair Isle band around the center of the hat.  We will be learning to knit Continental (picking) and American (throwing) styles of knitting—used at the same time—to weave the floats in the back of the work for a smoother finish.  
Pre-requisites: Students should know how to cast on, knit, and purl and be familiar with both the Continental (picking; yarn held in left hand) and the American (throwing; yarn held in right hand) styles of knitting
Materials: 2 skeins of any of worsted weight yarn in highly contrasting colors (purchased from Spun), circular needles in size appropriate for weight of yarn purchased with at least a 16” cable. (A longer length is okay, as participants can learn how to use the “magic loop” technique to “eat up” the extra cable on the needles.)
Optional: A Fair Isle pattern of the participant’s choice (we’ll have a pattern available for people who don’t have one they want to bring.)
Homework: Please come with ~1" of ribbing started on a hat worked in the round on circular needles.  Between 88 and 96 stitches should be enough for an adult size depending on head size. We will increase or decrease after the ribbing to fit the Fair Isle pattern chosen in class.
Maximum number of students: 7

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