Darn It All! (2 hours)

Saturday June 24, 10-am-noon • $30
Teacher: Sara Keim

Have you ever lost a sock to wear and tear?  Do you have a sweater with worn elbows languishing in your drawer?  Or maybe a favorite scarf that a mouse found and gave 4/5 stars on Yelp, saying that the scarf was tasty, but the atmosphere of your closet was a bit stuffy.
In this class, we will evaluate three basic methods for mending holes in knitwear and look at samples that need mending provided by the teacher. We will cover the pros and cons of each method, and look into which one to use for the sock, the sweater elbow, and the scarf. Students are asked to bring any questions they have and one project that requires mending. Together we'll consider the best approach to mend the garments brought to class.  
Materials: Students should bring a pen and paper for notes. 

Maximum number of students: 7

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